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Seals, they are the puppies of the water world, full of mischief. With those big puppy dog eyes. How could you not love them?

This was a big piece for me. Drawn on A2 42 x 59cm, I mean, that's a pretty big piece of paper to fill lol. Talking paper! I use a paper called pastelmat developed by clairefontaine specifically for pastels. But it lends itself incredible well to coloured pencils, my medium. Called paper, but it really is 360g card. Smooth and white on the back, but the front comes in a small variety of colours and sizes. It is acid-free, lightfast (it will hold the colour over time and not fade), age resistant, all good qualities for the base of a lasting original drawing, and perfect for a lasting commission.

I saw this photo on a site called pixabay , a free reference site for anyone to use the pictures. I really couldn't resist. I love a challenge!! And a challenge it was. My first underwater scene, well my first full scene come to that. I will say I surprised myself and it came out much better than I anticipated. Called "Hello" as its the first thing I thought of. As I'm sure that's what the seal is saying to the camera.

Unfortunately it is only available as the original drawing, until i can find a printer locally that can scan the size.

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