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Crochet Dragons & Friends

Crochet Dragon & Friends

When I was a young child my mum taught me the basics to crochet. four and a half decades on I have have decided to pick up the crochet hook once more, and i am having lots of fun creating all these gorgeous little ones. each one lovingly made and individually named and numbered. 



Explore the rest of my site to learn more about what I have to offer,  Get in touch with any questions. Blue Cat Art is here for you.

Ballerina Hippo
"Hold tight"
customer dragon
" Eric" 00001
"Pink Rose" 00016
"Daisey" 00002
"Sprout"  00013
"Merlin"  00003
"Aurora"  00004
"Primrose"  00015
"Stan" 00005
"Ben" 00012
"Boyzee"  00006
"Millie" 00007
"Heidi" 00008
"Flick" 00009
"Dolly" 00010
"David"  00011
"Holly" 00014
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