Remembrance Resins

Between the pandemic and the increasing rise of the cost of living, we are all experiencing difficult times. But sadly life and death keep revolving around us, and so many of us have lost a loved member of our family. Weather they have four legs or two, the pain and heartache is devastating.

I want to offer art to everyone, so no matter how low your budget, I can offer a keepsake that you can love and treasure. A keepsake that will remind you of the happy memories, something to remind you that your loved one is never truly gone all the time you remember them. These Resin Keepsakes are adaptable, and can be personalised by adding ashes, hair, fur, photographs and any other object that has meaning to you. Completely bespoke and created to your individual specifications,  for the smallest to the largest budgets.

    I believe that all of my customers deserve the highest level of service, and I am are committed to providing just that.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. Blue Cat Art is here for you.

05 Light bulb with fairy lights
25  large heart with photo
06 Rose bud pendent
07 Resin keyrings
08 Dragon egg night light
09 Braided horsehair keyring with resin insert
26 pomegranate blossom Wine Stopper
10 Rose bud teddy bear
11 Sleeping cat tea light holder
09 Braided Horse hair keyring with Resin insert
12 6cm rose bud heart
13 Teddy bears
26 Rosebud wine stopper
14 Peach Blossom Pendent
14 rose glitter paperweight
16 coffee & cream pendent
26 Artificial rose Wine Stopper
08 Dragon egg night light
17 Clear pensent with sparkles and flower petals
26  Chrysanthemum wine stopper
18 clear horse shoe
19 Red rose nightlight.
20 Burned orange and copper leaf key ring/ pendents
21 Small Chrysanthemum keyring/ pendent
22 Fairy light Dragon egg
23 Red flower remembrance candle
23 White remembrance candle
24 Horse shoe with braided horse tail.
23 10cm Remembrance Candle
07 horse head keyring with horse hair
26 Artificial flower Wine stopper