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Because we are all suffering the effects of covid 19

I know some of you are struggling with self isolation and the loneliness that comes with it. Some of you have sadly lost loved ones, and the extra devastation of not being there for your loved ones, and not being able to say goodby. Some of you have existing health issues and the thought of leaving your home for any reason is just too scary. And of cause some of you are key workers in the community or careers of the vulnerable, too you all we thank you all. We are all finding this difficult for so many reasons.

I myself leave the house every morning with my two dogs, I go down to my stables and feed my horse who gets plenty of tlc and extra cuddles and kisses from those of you who have requested them, I stay clear of other people, the other lady at my yard does the evenings. I am not riding at the moment, as i don't want to be a burden on the NHS incase of accident. My afternoons and evenings are spent at my drawing board, drawing wildlife and commission portraits, hoping that my very young business will survive.

But while I look after the animals and draw, my partner goes out to work on the front line as an Ambulance technician/paramedic, he puts his life at risk every day to help those of you who needs it, working 12hr shift with very little PPE . I worry for his safety every shift he works, and pray he stays safe and well.

Because we are all living in unprecedented times, I am going to offer my commission portraits at half price!!!! whether it is a commission portrait of a human loved one or an animal portrait. This offer will stand until the end of May. Please email me at for more info.

I pray you all stay safe and well both physically and mentally, stay at home and don't take any unnecessary risks.

kirsten whiteman

Blue Cat Art

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