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Both my parents dabbled in the arts, my mother liked to draw in graphite pencil in her middle years and was very good at it, but never sold anything. She later turned her hand to cross stitch and knitting donkeys for the Donkey Sanctuary to sell for donations. My father who is now an author,

used to paint oils on canvas, and very good he was too.

I myself dabbled a little when I was younger but only for myself and a few cartoon characters for my son when he was small.

Due to family, work and animal commitments it stopped there.

About twelve years ago I was at a horse show and on one of the stalls was a lady creating the most amazing portrait of a horse, and she was using coloured pencils!!. I wish I had stopped to ask her questions or at least got her card. Sadly I didn't, but I do remember that it looked just like an oil painting, and thought maybe one day I may just have a go myself.

In Dec 2016 I had to put my heart horse to sleep after 17 amazing years together. It broke my heart, sadly this is life, but a few weeks later a good friend came to see me with a graphite pencil drawing that my partner had commissioned her to draw, and another little coloured pencil drawing she did for me as a gift. Well as you can imagine I was all tears and thank you's and they still hang on my bedroom wall along with some red rosette's.

But this reminded me of the lady at the show and inspired me to pick up the pencils myself. The early stuff wasn't that great, (they were bad lol) but I got hooked, and in July 2018 I drew this beautiful horse, from a ref photo by Scotia McCombie. It was the closest to an oil painting for me to that date and I haven't looked back.

With every drawing my technique and skills improve and I am excited to see what lays ahead in the future and how my art grows. I hope you will join me as your continued support can only inspire me further.

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